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A wedding favour is a small gift offered by the bride and groom to each guest as token gesture of thanks for their presence at the wedding. Traditionally, wedding favours are sugar-coated almonds with a white or pastel coloured hard coating, presented in a translucent piece of coloured fabric and tied with ribbon to close. This type of confectionary favour is called a dragée in French.

Today, the wedding favour has diversified greatly and many couples offer guests more extravagant gifts, not always edible ones. Wedding favours are often customised too with for example the name of the bride and groom, a photograph or other image, a quote, saying or personal message.  Examples of the many alternative wedding favours that I have come across recently are chocolates and truffles, tea bags, tea leaves, USB keys, seeds for a plant or flower, key rings, match boxes and matches, fortune cookies, note books, scented candles, scented soaps, essential oils, bubble blowers, photo frames… as you can see, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can offer guests as a little thank you.

If you are thinking about an alternative to the traditional ‘dragée’ for your wedding in the South of France, you might like to think about offering a wedding favour inspired by the local area. Below, I have come up with a few ideas and have tried where possible to choose products that can be bought online:

  • Fragonard Perfume Products

Fragonard is the most famous of the perfumers based in Grasse, France’s perfume capital. Fragonard sell online a range of fabulous gifts which would work really well as wedding favours, such as cute pots of solid perfume, scented candles, and sets of perfume sachets.

  • L’Occitaine Products

L’Occitaine is a chic french beauty brand with all products made using natural ingredients found in Provence.

  • Savon de Marseille

Savon de Marseille is the famous square shaped oilve oil based soap originating from Marseille and sold by a company with the same name.

  • Olive Oil

A l’Olivier, an Olive Oil brand with stores throughout the South of France, does fantastic gift sets ideal as wedding favours.

  • Lavender

Lavendar is one of the symbols of the Provence region of the South of France. Why not offer your guests a lavender gift such as a Provencal style sachet or a bottle of lavender essential oil.

  • Honey

Your guests will love a pot of super sweet organic Provencal honey.


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French MacaronsThe macaron is a French sweet delicacy which I discovered after having moved to Cannes in 2005. Walking past the Lenôtre café on the rue d’Antibes, I saw the beautiful, brightly coloured little  round pastries and there my obsession with macarons began. I bought 4 there and then as part of my gastronomic voyage of discovery (I must have put on about 10 kilos during my few months in France). I was initially shocked about how much they cost, I think I paid just under a euro per maracon! Today however macarons have become more widespread and the price has gone down slightly, with many good alternatives to the gastronomic version being sold in supermarkets and patisseries. Since my first experience of the Lenôtre macaron, I have tried many others from frozen ones at Picard, to those at my local bakery and the sublime Ladurée macaron, each one as delicious as the next.

French Macarons

In France, macaron’s are increasingly being used as an alternative to the traditional ‘piece montée’; they are very much in fashion in the same way that cupcakes have totally taken off in the US and the UK. Macarons at weddings are often presented on a pyramid to which they are stuck with a little caramelised sugar. Guests can go and help themselves to macarons from the pyramid which is placed on the dessert buffet table.

French Macarons

The best places to buy macaron pyramids for weddings on the French Riviera are as follows:

  • Ladurée: Parisian patisserie Ladurée is extremely well-known in France for its excellent macarons. The only Ladurée shop outside of Paris is a small store located in Monaco in the Metropole shopping gallery.
  • Lenôtre: On the Cote d’Azur, Lenôtre has 2 stores, one in Cannes on the rue d’Antibes and one in Nice on the Avenue Félix Faure from which macarons for weddings and special occasions can be ordered.
  • Fauchon: Like Ladurée, the only Fauchon shop outside of Paris can be found in Monaco. As well as the standard macaron flavours such as strawberry, pistachio, caramel, coffee and chocolate, Fauchon offers a range of innovative macarons using edible gold and silver leaf.

Before you think about ordering a macaron pyramid from one of the company’s above, check with your caterer, they may very well make great macarons too.

French Macarons

Macarons also make great high-end wedding favours; Ladurée in particular do lovely gift boxes, some examples of which you can see below.

Macaron favour

Macaron favour

Macaron favour

Macaron favour

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