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Kind words

When the majority of people I meet in the wedding planning industry on the Riviera realise that I give out free information relating to venues and my preferred vendors in the South of France on my blog, the initial reaction is one of astonishment and utter confusion – why would you do such a thing??? Well the answer is that I believe that a couple will either need / want / be able to afford a wedding planner, or they simply won’t, regardless of the amount of contacts you throw their way. For those couples that go it alone for whatever reason, it makes me extremely happy to be able to help them on their way. I received a letter from one of my readers a few days ago who allowed me to post her kind words, thanks Janelle!


“Dear Kerry,

Your work on this website has been a blessing to me and my husband!  We are a young couple who lives in Canada but dreamed of being married in the romantic French Riviera.  We always follow our dreams despite knowing the way.  But when it came time to pick a priest, photographer, and videographer I did not know where to begin!  Then I found your lovely website!  It really was a blessing 🙂  Your suggestions and reviews allowed us to select extremely talented people to join us on our special day.  We were married at a villa near Mont Boron, Nice.  Father Peter Madan preformed the ceremony.  I can not say enough wonderful things about that man!  He was perfect!  Father brought an amazing harpist and violinist to create a truly romantic atmosphere.  Alban Pichon was our photographer.  He captured beautiful images of us through out the ceremony.  He is very talented and provided us with wonderful images very quickly after the ceremony.  We selected Saskia Aafjes as our videographer and she did an amazing job, especially editing the final video with music.  The team worked extremely well together on our special day, June 2nd, 2011.  

Thank you for creating this website!  Without your recommendations, our wedding day would not have been as special.  I wish many wonderful things for you and your career as a wedding coordinator.  Thank you for helping me create a truly unforgettable riviera wedding!  

Warmest Wishes,  



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