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Photographs and film are not the only way to immortalise your wedding day. Here are a few ideas for ways to keep the memories of your wedding day alive.

  • Transforming Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress doesn’t have to be something you wear only once in a lifetime. If you take your wedding dress to a good tailors, you can have it transformed into a cocktail dress or simple evening gown. The store where you bought your wedding dress may also be able to customise your dress for you after your wedding. If you prefer to keep your dress in tact, make sure you take it to the dry cleaners right away after the wedding otherwise any stains will become ingrained into the fabric.

  • Flower Art

By drying out your bouquet, you can use the petals to decorate your photo album or make a special potpourri. To air-dry your bouquet the traditional way, hang it still in tact upside down in a warm, dark, dry place with good air circulation. In about 3 weeks time, the flowers will be dried out. To make a potpourri, remove the flowers and add essentials oils. You can also use your flowers to decorate your wedding photo album, it’s best to use pressed flowers for this. To press your flowers, remove the best opened blooms and get a large, heavy book. Cut a rectangle of cardboard to the same size as the book and cut tissue paper and newspaper rectangles also of the same size. Take a piece of cardboard and place a layer of newspaper then tissue paper on top. Lay out your flowers, making sure they do not over-lap. Place another layer of tissue paper then newspaper on top and another cardboard. Repeat the process of necessary. Place your book on top of the final layer of cardboard and leave your flowers to press for about 3 weeks. For a quicker result (about 2 days) for both pressing and drying you can use a silica gel which you can find in most hardware or craft stores. If you dry your bouquet using silica gel, make sure you place the bouquet in an air tight container as silica will  absorb the water from the air as well as the flowers.

  • Freezing Your Cake

It is tradition for couples to eat a piece of their wedding cake on the day of their first wedding anniversary. In order to be able to do this you need to save a piece, cover it in aluminium foil or place it in a plastic container and leave in the bottom of the freezer. The sooner you freeze your cake the better it will taste the following year.


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Lavender field in Provence, FranceI plan on writing a series of articles with different themeing ideas for weddings on the French Riviera for which I will use the South of France countryside as inspiration. For my first article, I didn’t want to go for the typical Cote d’Azur coastline as my point of reference so I have chosen Provence and it’s picturesque lavender fields instead.

I have chosen a series of images that illustrate different ways in which you could incorporate the colour lavender into the themeing of your wedding. I am by no means suggesting that you use all of them at once, as that could be a little too much of a good thing, but subtle touches of lavender here and there combined with a complementary colour such as olive-green can create a lovely, pulled together effect.

lavender wedding 1

Lavender bouquet

lavender wedding 2

Lavender dress

lavender wedding 9

Lavender invitations & 'save the date' cards

lavender wedding 4

Lavender wedding favours

lavender wedding 11

Lavender lighting

lavender wedding 7

Lavender Champagne

lavender wedding

Lavender balloons

lavender wedding 12

Lavender wedding favours

lavender wedding 10

Lavender draping

lavender wedding 6

Lavender seat covers

lavender wedding 14

Lavender Crème Brulée

Lavender cup cakes

Lavender cup cakes

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  • Wayne Riley Flowers: I first met British florist Wayne several years ago at an event a company that I was working for was co-organising for Soho House at the Chateau la Napoule during the Cannes Film Festival. Since then, we have worked together many times on weddings in the South of France and are very good friends. Based in Nice, Wayne can be contacted my email on or by phone number +33 (0)6 76 51 83 44. You can also check out Wayne’s website here:


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