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Lavender field in Provence, FranceI plan on writing a series of articles with different themeing ideas for weddings on the French Riviera for which I will use the South of France countryside as inspiration. For my first article, I didn’t want to go for the typical Cote d’Azur coastline as my point of reference so I have chosen Provence and it’s picturesque lavender fields instead.

I have chosen a series of images that illustrate different ways in which you could incorporate the colour lavender into the themeing of your wedding. I am by no means suggesting that you use all of them at once, as that could be a little too much of a good thing, but subtle touches of lavender here and there combined with a complementary colour such as olive-green can create a lovely, pulled together effect.

lavender wedding 1

Lavender bouquet

lavender wedding 2

Lavender dress

lavender wedding 9

Lavender invitations & 'save the date' cards

lavender wedding 4

Lavender wedding favours

lavender wedding 11

Lavender lighting

lavender wedding 7

Lavender Champagne

lavender wedding

Lavender balloons

lavender wedding 12

Lavender wedding favours

lavender wedding 10

Lavender draping

lavender wedding 6

Lavender seat covers

lavender wedding 14

Lavender Crème Brulée

Lavender cup cakes

Lavender cup cakes


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